The Sparklepaws

Hello there Tumblrs! My name is Sparklepaws, I'm a husky that knows how to computer. I like long walks, chasing my tail, chewing on shoes, digging and being scratched behind my ears. I especially love cookies, they're good for my fur and taste delicious :D

One day as I was laying in a sun-beam, I decided that I needed to make a blog, because the internet has lots of stuff. I like stuff. You should look at stuff too.

If you'd like to chat, you can find me on Furaffinity and Skype. Bring some noms, that way we can eat and talk with our mouths full at the same time.

(The purpose of this blog is to showcase artists and their work, along with some of my own personal interests mixed in. Remember, there are talented people behind art, give them the respect they deserve! May contain content NSFW.)

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SiC: Jaydom - by Muzz

Time to Jump - by ProjectBlue02

Grump - by Jailbird

Birthday Suit :3 - by -Mike-

Collaboration: Azul! - by TruNorth


Cat reverts to a restore point. [video]

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Not For Puppies


I’ve been playing a lot of “The Last of Us” and I really dig the whole fungal infection stuff. And considering I’m your casual furry shitlord, I had to cross that concept over with an animal.

I drew this when I was feeling pretty bummer over losing my parakeet last Sunday… and I tend to draw some weird stuff when I’m being bummer.

Regardless, I’m really proud about how this came out. Enjoy.

(traditional drawing in moleskine notebook with microns/staedler inks)

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